All about Access Passwords and MS Access Password Recovery

Two Different Types of Access Password : Microsoft Access files can be protected with the help of two different types of passwords, which are explained below:

  1. Database Password : This type of password protection is used in MS Access 95 and later versions. Database passwords, which can also be referred to as share-level passwords, were introduced with Access version 95. You will not find this type of password protection in Microsoft Access version 2.0. These passwords are stored in the databases. Although this password is encrypted, still it can be extracted and decrypted speedily if your database is in Access version 2003 or any older format.
  2. User Password : This type of password protection is used in Access 2003 and earlier versions. You will not find user passwords in Access version 2007. In this user-level password security system, as you start the application, you are authenticated to log on with your password.

Lost Access Database Password? You can lose your MS Access password over something as frivolous as forgetfulness. This problem is obviously uninvited & uncalled for; and unfortunately, very difficult to evade as forgetting things is a prevalent part of our mind. Forgetting things can pose a serious harm something as important as a password is being forgotten. If you forget your MS Access database password, you can lose access to your crucial information, which might be required to be readily available to you for proper functioning of various organizational operations.

MS Access Password Recovery: A third-party Access File password recovery tool can save you from landing into serious trouble. It can help you unprotect MDB files, which will help you regain access to your crucial Access database contents. One recommended MDB password recovery tool is Access Password Recovery software, which is an easy-to-use lost password recovery tool. After you recover MDB password, you can say bye to your trouble and shake hands with Microsoft Access password recovery satisfaction.

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