Perform Access Password Recovery to Get Back Lost MDB Password

Types of Microsoft Access Passwords:

Database Passwords: This password is used in MS Access version 95 and also in later versions. Sometimes, they are also referred to as share-level passwords and were introduced with MS Access version 95. In 2.0 version of Microsoft Access, Database passwords are not there. The database password is stored in the databases. In case this password is encrypted, then also, it can be extracted and decrypted quickly if the database is in MS Access version 2003 or in any older format.

User Passwords: This password is used in MS Access version 2003 and also in earlier versions. This password you do not find in Microsoft Access version 2007. A user password is found in almost all MS Access versions. You need to enter user name and password both. Permissions can be given to some particular user or to a complete group of users. One single system database can be shared among different databases and applications. In Microsoft Access version 2007, the security model is redesigned and user passwords have been removed entirely.

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Lost Database Password: You might come across a situation when you forget or lose your MS Access password. If you forget MS Access password then you are unable to carry out some of your important tasks because you lose access to the crucial information saved in your MS Database. This is really a serious problem. In such a scenario you need to take some commercial help to perform Access Database Password Recovery process to recover access password.

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