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In Microsoft Office Access database application, all the elements that can have a name are called as objects. Within the database, the main objects include tables, reports, queries, forms, macros, modules, and data access pages. Let us have a closer look at all these in the following explanation:

Let Us First See What a Database Is? A database is actually the files in which the data is stored. This data can include all the major objects.

Access Database Table: This is basically that object, which you define and use for storing data. Table contains 'Fields' (also known as columns), wherein different kinds of data is stored, such as names or addresses and Records (also called rows).

Know What a Query Is: In MS Access, a Query in the object providing a custom view of the data from one or more tables. You can define these queries for selecting, updating, inserting, or deleting data.

Forms in the Access Database: In MS Access database, forms are the objects designed primarily for data inputs or for the display or for the control. You can use these forms for customizing the data presentation that your MS Access application extracts for queries or tables. You can even print these forms.

Another Database Object is the Report: A report is the object, which is specifically designed to format, calculate, print, and summarize selected data. You are able to view these reports on your system screen before you print them

See What a Data Access Page Is: A data access page is the object including an HTML file and some other files that provide you custom access to your data from the Internet Explorer. You are also able to publish these files on the intranet in order to allow other users on the network to view, search, and edit this data.

What are Events? In MS Access database application, an event is the change that occurs in the state of an Access object.

Information about Macros: Macro is the structured definition for one or more actions, which you want the Access application to perform in response to some defined event.

Explaining a Module: A module is the object that contains custom procedures, which you code using Visual Basic.

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