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Microsoft Office Access 2003 and earlier version unfortunately have complex and highly unsafe security models. Often, it is found very difficult to understand, but it is found very easy to recover the passwords instantly. As far as recovering passwords from Access 2007 is concerned, the methods are tough, which may take a very long time if the password length is quite long.

Passwords in MS Access: Here is some important piece of information addressed to those Access users who are not well familiar with the Microsoft Access security model. In MS Access, there are 2 two types of password securities. One is the protection enabled by database passwords (this is majorly in Access 95 and later version). The second type of password protection is by assigning user passwords to the database (this is majorly in Access 2003 and earlier versions) There are no user passwords in MS Access 2007 version.  

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Database Passwords in MS Access: Database passwords, which are also referred to as share-level passwords sometimes, were actually introduced in the Microsoft Office Access 95 version. Database passwords are not there in Access. If your database is protected by database password and this protection is enabled, then every time you open the database, you will get the pop up dialog box asking you to enter the password, every time you open your database.

Database Password Recovery Access: Database passwords are actually stored in the databases only. Although, these passwords are encrypted, they can still be extracted and decrypted quickly if you have an Access 2003 or older Access version database. On the other hand, the recovery of Access 2007 database password is tougher and may take a very long time if the password is lengthy enough. If you need to perform database password recovery Access, then obtaining a password recovery Access database tool from outside would be the ideal way to recover Access password. Third-party MS Access password recovery tools are available online. For Access password recovery, all you need to do is to spend some quality time looking at tools available, and then make a decision to invest in some efficient Access MDB password recovery tool to recover MS Access password quickly. One such Access lost password recovery tool is Access Password Recovery software. It won't be wrong to call this software a true user's delight as it is endowed with a very user-friendly interface.